An experiment, with homework.  Don’t worry, it’s easy homework.

I’m not going to hurt you.  You’re not going to hurt me, right?  You’re just like me and don’t want to hurt anyone.  That goes without saying… or does it?

The second you walk out of your house you are in predator/prey mode caused in part by learned behavior, partly by society, partly by our DNA.  Every interaction is weighed to see how much harm it might cause you.  This constant wariness causes you to perform extra actions – lock your doors on your car lest someone steal it, put packages in the trunk lest someone break in and remove them, etc.

When I say I’m not going to hurt you and you’re not going to hurt me you have two equal and opposite reactions.  You immediately think that goes without saying, that you know I’m not going to hurt you and you know you’re not going to hurt me, because you’re not a bad person.  Why even say that, it’s a given?  It’s almost offensive that I said that.

And yet at the same time you also have an opposite reaction – you think: Prove it.  Give me a track record, show me you’re not going to hurt me.  You think it’s absolutely naive to just completely trust someone – no one does that.  Now you’re a little defensive, at the same time you think that statement was silly.

So how do both of these thoughts exist in a sane person?

Listen and find out, and find out what your homework is.

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