Call In Interview Podcast: Tamara

Tamara is an empty nester, who runs her own business.  She adjusted from having five kids to manage, to manageing her own personal schedule and filling it properly.

I like to examine the discussion and see how the guest touches on podcasts and articles.  It provides a very good grounding, a real life demonstration of the stuff I talk about, and a further reading/listening for you.  

Further Reading/Listening

  • Tamara talks about how she gets out of the house to balance working at home and meeting new people, something we discuss in Working from home.
  • She was able to pursue what she wanted to, now that her schedule allowed it, revealing what we discuss in Balance and The Sliding Puzzle.
  • Moving through a transition, she demonstrates how a transition can affect so many aspects of your life, and how she compensated for that, as I discuss in my talk Maintaining Balance Through Transition. (I did not write an article on this talk I give, but there are similar items in the article The relativity of balance and the unexpected clarity of transition).

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