John is a stay at home dad with a very young daughter.  He juggles his photography business and being a dad and a husband.

I like to examine the discussion and see how the guest touches on podcasts and articles.  It provides a very good grounding, a real life demonstration of the stuff I talk about, and a further reading/listening for you.  

Further Reading/Listening

  • John mentions being a creator – like other creators he has to give creativity a license.  He demonstrates how the household is the combinations of efforts between he and his wife, showing that Resilience is a system.
  • He mentions “cramming in” the time for his photography and writing music, and the choice of “cramming in” gives awareness to the fact that Balance is a Sliding Puzzle
  • His interest in many things is something I can relate to.  Why Energy Is Key  shows us just what probably drives him to move towards these things.  Though he is certainly not bored being a stay at home dad, he is afforded the opportunity to think about all the things he wants to explore, as discussed in Congratulations, you’re bored.

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