This podcast is three things in one.  Nice!

Me Time

I recognize that of all the things you could be doing right now, you are listening to my podcast.  Sure, you could be multitasking but you’re still listening and you’re ‘here’ with me.  Thank you.  More importantly is that you are spending ‘me’ time.  Listen to hear more about the importance of me time.

The Currency of life

This is something that occurred to me when I was interviewing a guest.  We all have it, we all spend it.  But what is it?  I touch on this here, and look for a whole podcast on it in the future.

The guest line up you can look forward to

I have a whole round of amazing guests lined up.  I’ve already completed two interviews with more on the calendar.  You have to hear this stuff.  Though I have opportunity to talk with movers and shakers and people who who are speakers and coaches and international travelers, I find one thing more important than all that – their humanity.  The fact that they are just like you and me, and have great things but also failures.  We have so much interesting stuff to learn from them.  And, we don;’t just talk about mundane stuff, but serious things like what it’s like to run marathons after a double lung and heart  transplant.  What it’s like to be so aware of your mortality.  With another guest, we talk about going through periods where suicide seemed like an option, and what he did about it.  That’s just the beginning of these amazing interviews.

Each podcast features another unique guest willing to share their very personal story with us.  Each article will have links to their stuff for further reading.

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