I’m joined by Mark Metry, host of the Humans 2.0 podcast, Mark chats with CEOs, entrepreneurs, authors, and many other inspiring individuals.  In addition, he founded VU Dream a innovative virtual and augmented reality marketing & advertising agency based in Boston. We have an enjoyable chat getting in depth about what he believes the upgraded human is.

He shares wisdom on how if it feels like work he does not want to do it – which is ideally the definition of work, not fun and enjoyable.  This is discussed in Job, Career or Calling?

Mark talks about sweeping floors as his first job, and how that allowed him to buy an iPhone and move on to the Internet, where he now lives.  Like me he gains quite a bit from his guests, and seems to absorb things on a deeper level as a natural learning process.  Mindfulness, empathy, learning, experience are all things we discuss today.

About Mark Bradford

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