Born and raised in Germany, Mario Lanzarotti took a plane to the US shortly after graduating – literally after just a few days. He met the founder of a shoe company at a trunk show.  Ever the entrepreneur (and with an eye for shoes thanks to advice from his mom) he offered to intern with the promise of being a partner.  that sort of drive worked.  He’s now the COO of Awl & Sundry.

We have a great talk about motivation, giving, speaking, going for what you want, and not living life based on the reality defined by others.

He is also a coach and speaker, who talks about empowering others.

  • He mentions that when you enjoy what you are doing, “time falls away: which is a beautiful way to state what we cover in Mindfulness of moments.
  • Mario explains for states that work life integration, and how work shouldn’t be work – similar to what we talk about in Job Career or Calling? and a piece of time energy and resources.
  • Being a storyteller is important and how we change the story in our brains

He has a special message for everyone listening…

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