Daniel and I have a fun chat about running a business out of the business lounge of a hotel he wasn’t actually staying in, being a parent, his grandfather, retiring at 31, stress and what it really means, trying to convince me that he’s not a handsome guy, moving to Israel and being bored.

His early success gave him a very interesting understanding of boredom, and as we talk about in Congratulations – you’re bored.

Like me he finds that just “sitting and relaxing” can be maddening unless there’s something productive involved – and he touches on how stress is actually a good thing.

His book, The Self Help Addict is about how we all enter the cycle of self help, learn, learn more but never DO.

Daniel has a daily show and a weekly show.  Find everything about him at  www.DanielGefen.com

His newest business launch is podbooker.com – check it out if you want to be booked for a podcast, or are in need of guests,

Great insight, laughs and a fun conversation.


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