In my conversation with Nicholas, we chat about being in the zone, and the feeling of having that spark – and just as importantly how it felt to not have that spark. Filmmaking taught him both.

We talk about honoring a promise he made to himself as a five year old – the ups and downs of sticking with that. This is an example of Steering from afar and the difficulties of setting a path from so far away.

Listening to our conversation you can see the progression of a job, career and calling and just hear how his true core skills have driven him in seemingly disparate directions. Sound familiar?

What’s it like to feel that you’re doing exactly what you should be doing?
How do you manage multiple skills?
What defines an “old soul?”

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Check out a reel of his performances on youtube: The Nicholas Arnold Channel

(Recorded on an alternate mike which caused my portion to be a bit echoey and hollow – 1,000 apologies for that)

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