About Mark Bradford

Mark Bradford developed a system to recover time, energy and resources in your life called Alchemy For Life. He writes, coaches and speaks on the subject. For more information, tips and tricks, like Alchemy For Life on Facebook, follow Alchemy For Life on Twitter. Articles are posted regularly on AlchemyFor.Life, and LinkedIn.

I started Alchemy for Life after a five year journey.  Juggling a full time business, being a full time single dad with two kids, and even dating. How could I make all that work, or at least remain sane? What was the answer to that?

I had run a tech business for 10+ years, but was giving more than just tech advice to my clients. The answer invariably to everything was the same.
What was it?


But it was more than that. It wasn’t just “Oh just have balance in your life.” Not at all. Each person is different. Some people are overdoing some things, some people aren’t doing enough of a certain type of thing, and others have made lots of time, but don’t know how to fill it.
I knew, personally, how difficult it was to not overdo some things – going through a divorce and taking care of your kids 100% of the time was a bit unusual for a guy. Add to that running a business instead of just having a forgiving 9-5 job.

In taking my kids to a psychologist (to make sure all was well with them, you know) the psychologist told me they were in good hands, and after chatting about everything i was doing for them, she asked:
“And what are you doing for Mark?”
I wasn’t. I was so focused on the divorce, and the kids, and making sure i didn’t make them sick with my newly found cooking skills (I was afraid of cooking meats correctly, beef, chicken and pork, in that order), that I wasn’t doing anything for me.
So I thought about how I could do something for me, so that there was more of me, for them.

Fast forward to now, past the creation of this really amazing system. Now I help others to have more of themselves, to figure out how to move and flex their time, energy and resources to get more. More what? More time energy and resources. Usually by doing less, which on the surface is pretty shocking.
You’ve heard of working smarter and not harder? Well this is the same thing, but in a really big way, and it affects your life.

My goal is to use the system I created, and coach others to find this same balance in their lives, not by having a magic bullet solution, but by looking at the entire picture and seeing the connections between the things in their life.
And making adjustments. Good, solid, simple adjustments from a conversation we can look back on that create goals we can see.

Goals we can celebrate.

Check out alchemyfor.life and sign up for a 15 minute telephone consult to see if it’s right for you.