Resilience is a system

Resilience.  We hear that term a lot, especially in regards to kids in a divorce.  “Oh kids are resilient” we hear, from the parent that sees them 50% of the time, thus making them feel better about the divorce.  We hear it when someone goes through trauma, has cancer or experiences a physical setback – “She’s resilient and will make it through.” What do you think resilience is?  When you think of it you think essentially that something bad has happened and the person will spring back.  It’s the springing back that defines the resilience, isn’t it?  We imagine that someone’s life, their psyche, their experiences are like a stretchy sheet, or a flexible physical support.  It takes a hit, or bends a bit, and then it springs back.  Sometimes it springs back in direct proportion to how far it was forced to bend.  Someone becomes extremely unhealthy and a

Why do you live here? AFL Podcast

Imagine that you meet an extradimensional being.  What’s an extra dimensional being?  That would be someone who not only experiences the four dimensions we seem to live in (physical space and time) but enjoys a few more.  He looks pretty normal, and might even be wearing a hat.  However, there is one aspect of time that does not affect him the way it affects you – for him it’s not linear.  For him, your entire life is a long licorice whip.  He can see the start and the end.  At any time he can take the licorice whip  – in this case its the red kind – and he car curl it up a bit so that its all bunched up.  Now that its bunched up he can jump to and see any part of it.