Balance And Transition

Confusing no?

You are always going through a transition in one form or another, and you learned at an early age that the one consistent thing about life is that it keeps changing.  Some transitions are small while other are large and life-changing.  It’s the large ones that can cause you to get stuck, confused and sometimes lost.  The changes are made by you voluntarily or made by the rest of the world, and you have to adapt.  Sometimes you adapt beautifully, with forethought, planning, and aplomb.  Since you’re human, that probably doesn’t describe how it’s normally gone.  Instead you scramble and adapt –  and in the language of balance, you over compensate in some way because you are in emergency adaptation mode.

You do your best, but you’re looking at it from the inside.

Balance Coaching helps those that are stuck or lost, even when they don’t know it.  It helps you to discover when you’ve been adapting even though you made it through the change.

I explain what various transitions do to you, and I break it into Time, Energy and Resources.