Mark Bradford, keynote speaker, alchemy for life coach

Putting YOU in control of your Time, your Energy, and your Resources.

Life is a game—I’m showing you the board.

Accomplish what you want, have the energy you need, and use the time you have to your best advantage! All this and more is possible through our holistic coaching system that leverages Time, Energy, and Resources to maximum effect for you.

Mark Bradford, creator of Alchemy For Life™ system, web ap, coaching and author of Alchemy For Life: Formulas for Success

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Client Feedback

Working with Mark Bradford was a fabulous experience. He is one of those people that when you start talking you feel you have known each other forever!

Mark has a calmness to his coaching but at the same time, he is also very motivating!
I feel very blessed to know him and have him in my corner!

Thank you, Mark Bradford! 🙂

Working with Mark has improved and helped me in ways I wasn’t even aware I had issues with …. Conversing with mark has a familiar feeling like speaking with a friend… his style and methods are organized and through… having communication throughout the week via his site gives me the sense of security that if I have a life “emergency” he’s right there which I’ve had…. He’s the advise(sic) and support I’ve been looking for … to summarize – if you are ready to make life changes Mark is medium to achieve them

Mark presented Alchemy for Life at our career group. He was energetic and illustrative and connected with the audience on the subject. His presentation was helpful and well received.

I was a leader of a crew management group in the Milwaukee area and we invited Marc to speak three or four times over the seven years of the ministry. I always thought he did an exceptional job at communicating his concepts and ideas allowing people to engage easily and have constructive conversations. I would recommend Mark for any group or speaking opportunity.

Mark connected with the audience on the subject. His presentation was helpful and well received.

Mark has amazing insights into life’s ups and downs, and offers innovative solutions for individuals seeking to improve their lives. He’s multi-faceted, right and left brained, and passionate about helping people connect with themselves and others.

This you…?

You want a date night with your partner, but more often than not they (or you) don’t have the energy for it.

Writing a book has been a dream of yours but you just can’t focus to get that off the ground.  You have the time, but just can’t do it.

You feel like all your time is spent running the kids around and there has to be a better way to manage your schedule.

Health issues have forced you to take a step back and evaluate having balance in your life.  You knew you needed that but now it’s serious.  Or perhaps you want to have balance before it affects your health.

Changing jobs is what you want, but you wish there was a way to evaluate what what really make you happy.

You lost the ‘fun’ in life because all you do is work.  You wish there was a way to figure out what would really bring you joy.

You really don’t want to be single, but dating is just so draining.

You feel that developing a positive habit is just impossible with your schedule but know somehow other people do it.

Let’s work together to get what you want.

Fill out the Balance Sheet, see your life as a whole, have the epiphanies as we finally have a rodmap, together.

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Alchemy for Life - formulas for success coaching book wins award
A coach in a book.  With worksheets.  Based on Alchemy for Life™ coaching and podcast.

Grab a copy if you’re curious.


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You’re not alone.  The Alchemy for Life™ podcast comes out weekly with tips, tricks, explanations, experiments and interviews of amazing people from all over the world.


“I created Alchemy for Life™ because systems that take your life as a whole into account can’t help but be successful.   Life is made of three things and we spend it on five facets.”

Mark Bradford

Coach and creator of Alchemy for LIfe™, author of eight books (fiction and nonfiction) including Alchemy For LIfe™.

About Mark

With a humble spirit, Mark Bradford established Alchemy for Life™ and designed a powerful online life coaching system to assist individuals in recovering time, energy, and resources, allowing them to gain a broader perspective on life.

As a seasoned entrepreneur, Mark has a wealth of experience in the business world, having run his own technology consulting firm before transitioning into coaching and public speaking. Through his insightful talks on balance, status, and goals, Mark has inspired CEOs in transition, job-seekers, professional groups, and congregations.

He is also the author of the critically-acclaimed book, The Status Game™, which offers guidance on navigating the ups and downs of online dating, and its sequel, The Status Game II, a comprehensive exploration of status in both business and personal relationships and the upcoming The Status Game III. Mark has also created the humorous Status Game™ card game, which simulates the dynamics of status in relationships, with the ultimate goal of “marrying” one of the other players.

In addition to his written work, Mark hosts the popular Alchemy for Life podcast, airing weekly, where he delves into a wide range of topics including New Year’s Resolutions, goal-setting strategies, and interviews with remarkable individuals from around the world. The podcast has even been recognized as one of the Top Ten Most Relaxing podcasts, and in the top 5% globally.




How do I get started with Alchemy for Life coaching?  What actually happens?  How does this all work?

  • We have a free 15 minute (ish) call to have a general idea of your needs and to determine if we are a fit.
  • Life is made of three things:  Time, Energy and Resources.
  • You spend those three things in five facets of life.
  • You agree to coaching and are entered into the Alchemy for Life system
  • You fill out your Balance Sheet™ which gives you and I a very good idea of where all your time, energy and resources are going.  From this we have a snapshot of your life.  It’s not a moment in time, but a really good understanding of what makes you youNo other coaching does this.
  • From there goals spring forth.  This is key, as you cannot just plop in a goal if you don’t have energy for it, if your schedule doesn’t allow it, or you are not willing to budget for it (in the case of new financial pursuits, openinga business, hobbies)
  • We use the system to dynamically communicate along with weekly video coaching.  This too is key as you and I are on the same page at all times, so we don’t spend the first 20 minutes of your hour just “catching up.”
  • We measure and track goals, progress, stumbles and successes.
  • You have a better understanding of you, a person who holds you accountable, and you move towards the things you want that are in line with your true self.

Choose a time for our first free, no-obligation call right now to unpack this for you!