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Cynthia Starich

Have questions about what it's like to be a talent agent? Want to know what they actually look for? How about Opera, or being in a band in Milwaukee? In my continuing series on Milwaukee I sit down and have a lovely chat. Cynthia Starich takes a moment out of her busy...

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The Amazing Lucas

Today I speak with The Amazing Lucas. Calling him a "youtube commentator" is a disservice; he's much more than that - a bodybuilder, researcher, artist and lover of all things spiderman. We discuss the origin of the phrase he uses to start each video, his trip to the...

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Resolutions: Steering from afar

Did you make resulutions? I hope not. I tell people every year not to make resolutions. Not that there's anything wrong with resolutions, but if you don't make it a system rather than an orphaned goal nothing is going to happen. Beginning your year with a long term...

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