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Change patterns – the ones that have you stuck where you are.

Create new patterns that get you to where you want/need to be.

Unlock your path.

Look at the whole picture – your Time, Energy and Resources™ before you make changes

My podcast has over 200 helpful 10 minute episodes for you.

I’ve interviewed celebrities, entrepreneurs and people who have learned how to succeed – the late John McAfee, Scott Adams, Zuby, etc.

Connect with me for a free 15 minute chat to see how it works and get started.  If you book with 24 hours of the chat I’ll add a free session.


Alchemy for LIfe™ Coaching is perfect for:

  • Finding work life balance
  • Accomplishing a goal 
  • Finding your path
  • Coming out of brain fog to clarity
  • Discovering where all yout time, energy and resources are actually going

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November 2022

Working with Mark Bradford was a fabulous experience. He is one of those people that when you start talking you feel you have known each other forever!

Mark has a calmness to his coaching but at the same time, he is also very motivating!
I feel very blessed to know him and have him in my corner!
Thank you, Mark Bradford! 🙂


Mark presented Alchemy for Life at our career group. He was energetic and illustrative and connected with the audience on the subject. His presentation was helpful and well received.


I was a leader of a crew management group in the Milwaukee area and we invited Marc to speak three or four times over the seven years of the ministry. I always thought he did an exceptional job at communicating his concepts and ideas allowing people to engage easily and have constructive conversations. I would recommend Mark for any group or speaking opportunity.

Laura Parrino
Nov 2022

You want to write a book—you have lots of time to write a book so why don’t you?  Taking a step back we find you don’t have the energy, and we have to change that, because staring at a blank page for nine hours isn’t going to make it happen.

You can’t lose weight if your schedule doesn’t allow for you to take a breather and eat better.  So you need to change your schedule first.  Signing up for the gym in January is great for the gym because they get your monthly payment whether you show up or not.  But you can’t because you didn’t make time for it.

A large portion of people now spend most of their time working from home, so home IS work.  That’s not good.  You can’t give your best if you’ve burned out.  And you can’t focus on work if your home life is drama that leaks into your work life.  So much to manage!

It isn’t when you fill out the Balance Sheet™ and coach with me.

Date night with your husband doesn’t happen because you are exhausted being 85% of the parenting.  That changes to 50% and now there’s a legitimate date night.  

Alchemy for Life™ method uniquely looks at the big picture.  A surprising amount of people don’t even know what they want to do, becasue they haven’t been given the chance.  The AFL method (complete with web portal for you and your coach) allows you to do that.  This applies to career changes, dating, taking on new hobbies, exploring altriustic ways to spend you time.

I wrote two books (third coming out soon) on how all relationships work.  I know the Time, Energy and Resources™ dating takes personally.  If you are burned out, or you’re looking in ther wrong place, or there’s nothing left to date it’s just not going to work.  Let’s focus on you and make sure you’re OK, then go in the proper direction.

The three things life is made of is spent of five facets.  The Balance Sheet allows you to see where all this Time, Energy and Resources are going.  It’s an eye-opener just filling out the sheet.  Imagine what we discover when you work with a coach.

Everything from spirituality to health to learning—it’s all addressed.

When we go throigh life-changing events we automatically adjust our behavior.  More often than not we forget to revert back when an event has come to pass.  Are you still in ‘compensation mode’ from the loss of a job, a loved one, a divorce?

perhaps you went from parent to empty nestor?  Full time type-A to semi-retired?  Let’s talk about the horrible hirrible freedom and what that means to you so you can enjoy your time, feel productive and feel good about you.

Thinking of hiring a coach?

How do you hire a life coach?

Hiring a good coach can cost 1,000’s of dollars (and it should).  

 Many people ask “Is there a life coach in my area?” and “Is there a life coach near me?” The answer is yes.  Video coaching is near everyone – that’s the great thing about it.  You don’t have to leave your livingroom, bedroom or office.

About me:  I’ve written eight books, run a consulting firm for over two decades, created a coaching system, designed and built a dating site, designed and built a writing site for authors, given talks at businesses such as Manpower International, maintained a consistant podcast, and recently written an epic fiction trilogy winning best new author from


Life is made of three things – Time, Energy and Resources.  And we spend them on five facets of life.  Understanding that is the very basis for the Alchemy for Life™ system of managing those basic building blocks of everything you do in your life.  Work/life balance, stress-free productivity and reaching life (and work) goals all rely on this.


We all get the same amount, and everyone tries really hard to spend it on what they want to do.  Knowing where your times goes allows you to get more control of it, and have much more work/life balance.  Time allows you to add things to your schedule.

Why time management is important

Time management is important because if your time is not managed it means that you are not in control of it.   If you’re not in control of your time then someone or something else will be. As you can imagine time management is important in business, in the workplace, for students, for parents, and for entrepreneurs.  Time management can be difficult for students as they try to balance their schedules and other demands.

When people think of time management they often think of projects but time management is a part of every day life as well.  Managing your time can help you reduce stress in work, in play, in business, in home, in maintaining a work-life balance and even in relationships.  They all require an awareness of time management.  When people ask how time management can be improved, or how time management helps to reduce stress they want to know how time management is useful?

Using a system to map out time can improve time management when studying.  Knowing how much time you have as well as what is drawing upon it can affect everything being overwhelmed, working from home, and even preparing for exams.


It takes energy to be a good listener, to work out, to go to work, to be a fun partner, a good mom or dad, and to get your chores done.  Managing your energy allows you to start new projects, be a better partner and be happier.


Why exercise is important

Having enough energy is tied to exercise for many. We are learning why exercise is good for your mental health, why exercise helps depression, and even why why exercise is good for the brain.   But you can’t exercise if you don’t have the energy for it.  And the energy can come from the exercise itself – a catch-22 for many.   Time management can get you the time needed to make yourself happier through exercise, but if you don’t have the energy for it you’re not going to do it.  


Your stuff, your money, the favors you can call upon. Your exotic vacation takes resources, so does paying for piano lessons for your daughter.  The primary reason most people work is the accumulation of resources.  Do you know where all your resources are going?

Can wealth buy happiness?

Many people ask if wealth can buy happiness or if wealth can bring happiness.  Can wealth make a person happy?  Most things in life require time energy and resources.  We give our job time and energy in exchange for resources, so if you have more resources you need to give less time and energy right?   This is why wealth management is important, why we have wealth managers and even wealth coaches.  Have a map of what you spend your wealth on can help you to plan for what to do with iit next.   

Alchemy for Life

Formulas for success

Want to know what you can do once a week that will give you a better week?  Have a chore you don’t want to do?  Learn how to make it happen almost subconsciously, while you enjoy something else.  Discover why a system is better than a goal.

Just some of the formulas

  • How do I have a better week next week?
  • How do I multitask properly instead of multitasking incorrectly?
  • How can you discover and exploit the flaws in a system?
  • How do I accomplish things I don’t want to
  • How can I move out of my comfort zone
  • for understanding how you and others handle time
  • to navigate the ups and downs in your life
  • to creating happiness in your employment
  • How do i find my core talents?
  • for embracing failure to energize your success
  • How do i get rid of dread and doubt?

    16 formulas for success

    16 formulas for success are included in the book.

    Look at your goals as a system

    Looking at your goals as a system will allow you to consider everything that affects them, making you much more successful in reaching them.

    Worksheets from each chapter

    You’ll be able to work at your own pace with worksheets at the back of the book.  Each worksheet reflects what you have learned in that chapter.

    In addition you’ll be introduced to the following magic items:

    • order and chaos
    • resting and tension

    Alchemy for Life™ – Formulas for success was just released in paperback!

    Speaking on goals, systems, status

    Mark Bradford speaks on success, goals and his unique system for seeing your life as a whole, work/life balance, time, energy and resources.   He teaches associations and businesses about the F.A.U.L.T. method of anchoring tasks to get them done.  Stress-free productivity is a common topic as well.  In additon, he speaks to groups about the important part status plays in all relationships.  Excerpts are are taken from his book, Alchemy for Life.

    What goals to set?

    People ask, “what goals should I set?” but questions like that and “what goals should I set for work?” are really answered by you.  The point of the coach is not to set the goals for you, but to allow you to see clearly what you want.

    Why goals fail

    Goals fail more often than not, not because the person isn’t capable of reaching them, but because they didn’t make room in their time, energy or resources for them.  Goals should be specific but not immovable because the rpocess of reaching them is rather fluid.

    Order or Chaos?

    Are you order or chaos?  Which one best fits your life?  Are you a creative?  Do you like logic?  Find out the strengths of both.


    Are you doing more than one thing at the same time?  Do you think you are multitasking or have you forgotten about the glue that holds it all together – thus spending even more energy, and exhausting yourself?  Find the right way to multitask, and achieve more goals with this glue.

    Your comfort zone

    Is your comfort zone what you really think it is?  Is moving out of it all that important, and are the people telling us that actually happily living in theirs?

    The Podcast

    Listen to The Alchemy for Life podcast every Sunday for weekly tips on reaching goals, managing your Time, Energy and Resources. There are also interviews with amazing guests from all over the world.  Find out how they manage work/life balance, deal with stress and have overcome life’s ups and downs.  We all fail and we can all learn to succeed.   Find it:  Spotify, TuneIn,, Google Play Music, Podcshaser and directly on the Alchemy for Life site.

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    What are you measuring?

    Progress If you're not measuring progress, how do you know how well you are doing in the pursuit of a goal? Don't you have milestones and stuff like that? The Alchemy for Life system has a huge amount of tracking, and milestones, and even an icon for setbacks, so why...

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    Free group coaching opportunity

    Special Announcement This is a special announcement about free coaching that is being offered to two groups. The Alchemy for Life™ podcast subscribers group is one of the groups, which is why you're seeing this. Congrats. Here is the scoop You're probably just like...

    Real Life Motivation

    Motivation. People talk about motivation so much it's annoying. Coaches and speakers talk about it all. the. time. You don't need another source do you? But here's a different take... Two parts to motivation The actual hype that gives you energy. This is stuff like...

    How do you have time for this…?

    How do you have time for this? Have you heard this phrase? You typically hear this about a large project or something that is apparently time consuming. But that's misleading. They are using the wrong word Life is made of three things™ - Time, Energy and Resources....

    Holistic creativity is a given, but…

    Holistic To have a holistic approach is to consider all aspects of the whole. There's nothing ooga booga or froo froo about that, and if you know me and this podcast you know we don't talk about things that aren't tangible. Being holistic is tangible. It just means...

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    Seek First to Understand

    Mantras We all know what a mantra is—it's that thing you repeat over and over again; it's that guiding principle you have; it is those words you live by. Well I have one of those too. For me it's "Seek First to Understand" and I don't know if i live by those words or...

    I assume

    Assume Assume: To suppose without information. Is this what you're doing? is this what you have done every time you suppose without information? Or is this one of those words of power that we take for granted (no pun intended there). Label The word assume can be...


    It's such an innocuous word, isn't it? Potential. It doesn't sound like much when I say it by itself like that. But it's the doorway to good and bad; to epic success or catastrophic failure. Let's talk about what it means, what it does, and how it gives us a clue as...

    Stop Demonizing Comfort Zones

    The comfort zone If you hire a coach, have a review or consider accomplishing a new goal invariably the comfort zone is going to come up. And the first thing that will be discussed is you leaving the comfort zone. It will be discussed as if it is a bad thing, even...

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    The solution to all of your problems, past, present and future is to simply be Your Best Self. There. Done. There's no podcast. It's that easy. Reality and the thing you have to do first Oh, you're still here? What's that in your hands there... a chair? Put that down....

    Castillo Movement

    Robbin Castillo Robbin is a personal trainer, teacher and coach. He provides Ascension coaching, Holistic personal training and masterclasses. I normally do not feature coaches on my interviews (I tend to get a lot of requests for appearances on my podcast by coaches)...

    2022 – you’re not alone

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    Happiness and Learning

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    Alchemy for ME

    We have two subjects this Sunday - old news and new news. Old (but extremely important) News Around this time you are feeling an additional pull at your time, energy and resources. It's the holiday season. Each year I give you a heads up and a warning about what is...

    nanowrimo – May I be of service?

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    Everything is Fantasy Until it Becomes Reality

    Everything is fantasy It is. Think about it. Everything. This doesn't just apply to people who create something from nothing. This applies to everyone. That includes you. All people do this There's no job that you can mention that doesn't do this - bricklayer,...

    You can ask a question…

    Hindsight is 20/20 We say that hindsight is 20/20 in that looking back on an experience already lived you can make some pretty intelligent, informed decisions, right? You can say what you would have done because you've already seen what you did do. But this looking...

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    The Power of But.

    (Pause for eye rolls) This title makes even me roll my eyes but it is accurate. Whoa, I already demonstrated it. There are so many books and talks and podcasts about the power of this or that, and we begrudgingly trudge through it and see if there are any takeaways....

    Do you keep secrets…from yourself?

    Keeping secrets from yourself What? How can you do that? it sounds crazy. Well, it is a very real and serious condition when someone does indeed wall off a part of their brain and lives in denial of actions. There are dire consequences for the person and people around...

    Upside Down

    What would you do if all your tech was taken away?  If your loved ones were gone before you knew it?  What skills do you have to survive—without a government, a military, or electricity.  Are you ready for that?  And what would you do if the saviors of the human race...

    Barby Ingle – Rare diseases, chronic pain

    Chronic pain & Rare Diseases There are millions who suffer—for one reason or another—from chronic pain. It's a pain that doesn't go away and even for many who have sought help there's no relief. For others they just don't invest the Time, Energy or Resources...

    The Little Things

    Your calendar I've found that the best 'to do list' isn't a list but items on a calendar. That way not only do you have a list, but you can assign a time and length too. And if you don't get a chance to do it in the alloted time you can adjust the length accordingly...

    The Super Secret of Being a Creative

    Creativity is/has a super power OMG I'm not going to say that. I've already spoken my peace on the whole [INSERT THING] is a superpower. News Flash: it isn't. But being a 'creative' allows you to have something that 'non-creatives' do not have, and its liberating,...

    Free for a limited time:  Group Coaching.

    Free Group Coaching

    For a limited time, with a limited amount of space, I’m offering Free Group Coaching.

    If you are interested, and can commit to hour, once a week for just four weeks, and have read the description below then sign up right here!

    What:  A free limited coaching group to help you get things done (you’ll be able to pick a thing and we’ll help make that happen)

    Where: via zoom 

    When:  1 weekly 1 hour session for 4 weeks, total of 4 sessions. That’s just 4 hours of your time in an entire month.

    How: First come, first served with (very) limited spots available.  

    Why: To introduce you to the Life is made of three things, and the FIve Facets of Life concepts, to help you get something done you don’t want to do, to relieve some of the stress you have.

    But really, how come?    I give away my product as an introduction, and you get it for free for helping others become aware of it.  Standard internet marketing stuff. Maybe someone will want to continue with one-on-one coaching, maybe not. Regardless you get the group coaching for free and a helpful PDF to track your stuff.

    What you have to do: Fill out this form (just full name, email) and agree to commit to the 4 sessions (if you only do 1 session you’re taking a spot from someone else. Let’s be fair here)
    You’ll be contacted via email with a heads up to the group coaching schedule. It will be the same time/day every week to make it easy to schedule. You can then download and print the fun sheet I email, and as they say “just show up.”
    You will NOT need to provide any other information (no credit card, etc. It really is free)
    You are on your honor to participate and show up. You are taking a very valuable slot from someone who IS willing to show up and participate if you don’t take this seriously.
    You will be added to the AFL podcast mailing list.  That’s it.

    “I created Alchemy for Life™ because systems that take your life as a whole into account can’t help but be successful.   Life is made of three things and we spend it on five facets.”

    Mark Bradford

    Coach and creator of Alchemy for LIfe™, author of The Status Game & The Status Game II, OneSelf: Have faith. In yourself. and Alchemy For LIfe™.

    About Mark

    Mark Bradford founded Alchemy for Life™ and created the online life coaching system that helps you recover time, energy and resources so that you can take the big picture view of things.

    A long time entrepreneur, Mark ran his own technology consulting business before moving into coaching and speaking.

    His talks on balance, status and goals have been given to CEOs in transition, job-seekers, professional groups and congregations.

    The Status Game was his first book, which deals with navigating the ups and downs of online dating.  The Status Game II is a deep dive into status of all forms, including status in business and personal relationships.  The Status Game™ card game is a humorous demonstration of status in relationships, in which the goal is to marry one of the other players.

    His podcast – the Alchemy for Life podcast – is every Sunday and delves quickly into everything from New Near’s Resolutions, making course corrections in seeking a goal to interviews with amazing people from all over the globe.  The Alchemy For Life podcast was recognized as being one of Top Ten Most Relaxing podcasts.