Alchemy for Life

Energy and time management that looks at your life as a whole to reach goals, managing your time, energy and resources

  • Learn how to accomplish a chore you don’t want to
  • Find out why goals get harder at the end
  • Use a system that helps keep you on track
  • Get something done you never thought you could
  • Productivity without stress
  • Happiness without guilt

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Thinking of hiring a coach?

How do you hire a life coach?

Hiring a good coach can cost 1,000’s of dollars (and it should).  

 Many people ask “Is there a life coach in my area?” and “Is there a life coach near me?” The answer is yes.  Video coaching is near everyone – that’s the great thing about it.  You don’t have to leave your livingroom, bedroom or office.


Life is made of three things – Time, Energy and Resources.  And we spend them on five facets of life.  Understanding that is the very basis for the Alchemy for Life™ system of managing those basic building blocks of everything you do in your life.  Work/life balance, stress-free productivity and reaching life (and work) goals all rely on this.


We all get the same amount, and everyone tries really hard to spend it on what they want to do.  Knowing where your times goes allows you to get more control of it, and have much more work/life balance.  Time allows you to add things to your schedule.

Why time management is important

Time management is important because if your time is not managed it means that you are not in control of it.   If you’re not in control of your time then someone or something else will be. As you can imagine time management is important in business, in the workplace, for students, for parents, and for entrepreneurs.  Time management can be difficult for students as they try to balance their schedules and other demands.

When people think of time management they often think of projects but time management is a part of every day life as well.  Managing your time can help you reduce stress in work, in play, in business, in home, in maintaining a work-life balance and even in relationships.  They all require an awareness of time management.  When people ask how time management can be improved, or how time management helps to reduce stress they want to know how time management is useful?

Using a system to map out time can improve time management when studying.  Knowing how much time you have as well as what is drawing upon it can affect everything being overwhelmed, working from home, and even preparing for exams.


It takes energy to be a good listener, to work out, to go to work, to be a fun partner, a good mom or dad, and to get your chores done.  Managing your energy allows you to start new projects, be a better partner and be happier.


Why exercise is important

Having enough energy is tied to exercise for many. We are learning why exercise is good for your mental health, why exercise helps depression, and even why why exercise is good for the brain.   But you can’t exercise if you don’t have the energy for it.  And the energy can come from the exercise itself – a catch-22 for many.   Time management can get you the time needed to make yourself happier through exercise, but if you don’t have the energy for it you’re not going to do it.  


Your stuff, your money, the favors you can call upon. Your exotic vacation takes resources, so does paying for piano lessons for your daughter.  The primary reason most people work is the accumulation of resources.  Do you know where all your resources are going?

Can wealth buy happiness?

Many people ask if wealth can buy happiness or if wealth can bring happiness.  Can wealth make a person happy?  Most things in life require time energy and resources.  We give our job time and energy in exchange for resources, so if you have more resources you need to give less time and energy right?   This is why wealth management is important, why we have wealth managers and even wealth coaches.  Have a map of what you spend your wealth on can help you to plan for what to do with iit next.   

Alchemy for Life

Formulas for success

Want to know what you can do once a week that will give you a better week?  Have a chore you don’t want to do?  Learn how to make it happen almost subconsciously, while you enjoy something else.  Discover why a system is better than a goal.

Just some of the formulas

  • How do I have a better week next week?
  • How do I multitask properly instead of multitasking incorrectly?
  • How can you discover and exploit the flaws in a system?
  • How do I accomplish things I don’t want to
  • How can I move out of my comfort zone
  • for understanding how you and others handle time
  • to navigate the ups and downs in your life
  • to creating happiness in your employment
  • How do i find my core talents?
  • for embracing failure to energize your success
  • How do i get rid of dread and doubt?

    16 formulas for success

    16 formulas for success are included in the book.

    Look at your goals as a system

    Looking at your goals as a system will allow you to consider everything that affects them, making you much more successful in reaching them.

    Worksheets from each chapter

    You’ll be able to work at your own pace with worksheets at the back of the book.  Each worksheet reflects what you have learned in that chapter.

    In addition you’ll be introduced to the following magic items:

    • order and chaos
    • resting and tension

    Alchemy for Life™ – Formulas for success was just released in paperback!

    Speaking on goals, systems, status

    Mark Bradford speaks on success, goals and his unique system for seeing your life as a whole, work/life balance, time, energy and resources.   He teaches associations and businesses about the F.A.U.L.T. method of anchoring tasks to get them done.  Stress-free productivity is a common topic as well.  In additon, he speaks to groups about the important part status plays in all relationships.  Excerpts are are taken from his book, Alchemy for Life.

    What goals to set?

    People ask, “what goals should I set?” but questions like that and “what goals should I set for work?” are really answered by you.  The point of the coach is not to set the goals for you, but to allow you to see clearly what you want.

    Why goals fail

    Goals fail more often than not, not because the person isn’t capable of reaching them, but because they didn’t make room in their time, energy or resources for them.  Goals should be specific but not immovable because the rpocess of reaching them is rather fluid.

    Order or Chaos?

    Are you order or chaos?  Which one best fits your life?  Are you a creative?  Do you like logic?  Find out the strengths of both.


    Are you doing more than one thing at the same time?  Do you think you are multitasking or have you forgotten about the glue that holds it all together – thus spending even more energy, and exhausting yourself?  Find the right way to multitask, and achieve more goals with this glue.

    Your comfort zone

    Is your comfort zone what you really think it is?  Is moving out of it all that important, and are the people telling us that actually happily living in theirs?

    The Podcast

    Listen to The Alchemy for Life podcast every Sunday for weekly tips on reaching goals, managing your Time, Energy and Resources. There are also interviews with amazing guests from all over the world.  Find out how they manage work/life balance, deal with stress and have overcome life’s ups and downs.  We all fail and we can all learn to succeed.   Find it:  Spotify, TuneIn,, Google Play Music, Podcshaser and directly on the Alchemy for Life site.

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    Welcome to my world—a world of self-direction, discipline, working at home, time management and talking to yourself.

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    Do you have self-control? Have you ever been told that you should exercise self-control or have more self-control? Have you ever examined a problem that you have and thought if you only had more self-control you would not have the problem. Do you have kids? Because...
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    I want to help.

    The Alchemy for Life system can help you reach goals, but understanding how things work is just as important.   Contact Mark for speaking engagements, coaching and other inquiries.

    “I created Alchemy for Life™ because systems that take your life as a whole into account can’t help but be successful.   Life is made of three things and we spend it on five facets.”

    Mark Bradford

    Coach and creator of Alchemy for LIfe™, author of The Status Game & The Status Game II, OneSelf: Have faith. In yourself. and Alchemy For LIfe™.

    About Mark

    Mark Bradford founded Alchemy for Life™ and created the online life coaching system that helps you recover time, energy and resources so that you can take the big picture view of things.

    A long time entrepreneur, Mark ran his own technology consulting business before moving into coaching and speaking.

    His talks on balance, status and goals have been given to CEOs in transition, job-seekers, professional groups and congregations.

    The Status Game was his first book, which deals with navigating the ups and downs of online dating.  The Status Game II is a deep dive into status of all forms, including status in business and personal relationships.  The Status Game™ card game is a humorous demonstration of status in relationships, in which the goal is to marry one of the other players.

    His podcast – the Alchemy for Life podcast – is every Sunday and delves quickly into everything from New Near’s Resolutions, making course corrections in seeking a goal to interviews with amazing people from all over the globe.  The Alchemy For Life podcast was recognized as being one of Top Ten Most Relaxing podcasts.

    His latest book is the culmination of the wisdom gathered not just through his life, but through his coaching.  Alchemy for Life is due out in summer of 2019, on Amazon, local bookstores and your local library.