Balance just doesn’t cut it. It doesn’t tell people about direction.  It doesn’t convey the depth of understanding you’ll have in what you’re spending your time, energy and resources on.  It doesn’t even explain that it’s about time, energy and resources.  “Balance” doesn’t make you understand that you can have a lot more energy, a lot more time and even more resources by being aware of how you are spending all that, and making simple adjustments.  And how would you know that “balance coaching” means you get your own account with tools and you get to “see” all your activities laid out in front of you on a screen?  Or that your coach communication and goals are right there in front of you so that’s there’s no question as to what’s next, what direction to go?

If you hear “Balance” you think of tea and yoga and hugging everyone.  You don’t think about the fact that you jump out of airplanes because you now have arrangements with your ex husband to pick up the kids more for sports.  You don’t think about the awesome woman you met because you work less hours, all because you actually pushed to work from home twice a week and your boss said “sure.”  And you got a big fat check mark on a goal you could see on your screen and smile about with your coach.

If you hear “coaching” you probably don’t realize that the awesome goals that make you smile all the time, the ones you keep checking off like clockwork, are your goals, and not the goals of some guy who thinks he can “coach your life.”  You don’t think right away that your coach is passionate about you playing the piano, losing  bunch of weight, or just not being exhausted at the end of every day.  Why would you think he cares about your sister you need to visit weekly to help with her kids, or your poetry, or how one sided things seem all the time in relationships?  
No, you wouldn’t get that unless you had experienced Alchemy Balance Coaching and I was your balance coach.  You’d get all that, and maybe you could help me come up with a better name too.

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