“What do I get?” you ask.

You may have read some of the other posts, and understand what balance coaching is and isn’t.  You may have read posts and understand a lot about finding balance.  If so, great, I’m doing my job to inform you of my unique service.

However, you still may not be sure what exactly you get?

I like tangible stuff


Gimme that THING.

When I read self help books, or other non fiction, I often scratch my head at the fact that I read that whole book only to get one or two bullet items.  “Really?” I think, then shake my head, then toss the book into the bon fire.  No, just kidding on the last thing.

When I meet other business professionals, or read posts on LinkedIn, my eyes glaze over when they talk about synergy or other multi-syllable words that in real life mean very little.  I’m a tangible guy (no that’s not a comment about my fitness level – I think).  I like tangible stuff, wrapping my arms around it, “getting it.”

I’m betting most people are too.  I’m betting you are too.  So, you ask what’s in this balance coaching for you?  You wonder, what would actually happen if you did it?  You don’t need touchy feely stuff necessarily, you don’t want a general ‘feeling.’  You want some sort of tangible result, an outcome, something that motivates you to do this.  See picture for how I think you feel.

Why can’t I just tell you what you get, you may ask?

Well, unlike some of the other books out there, I can.  And I want to.


What you get

More to work with – As I’ve said, balance coaching helps you to not only figure out your goals, but recover Time, Energy and Resources that you lost/are overspending along the way.  This means you get more time to work with.  That means you get more energy to use.  That means you will have more resources to spend.

More time to use means you now have openings in a schedule that had no openings.  Or openings that are much larger, or planned, or lined up in a way that you’re not scrambling from commitment A to commitment B.

More energy means you now have enough energy to work on that project, or hobby that you dropped by the wayside. That means you get to do more of the thing you want to do, or just actually start doing the thing you have never been able to do.

More resources means you have more money, or more car time, or the availability of transportation that you didn’t have before.

Actual Examples

Want examples?  Sure.  Here are specific examples partially taken from client results.  They may not apply to you, but they are very real, very tangible results.  So when you ask what you get, these are the things:

  • You can now go out with your friends to wind down once a week, guilt free.
  • Your wife now is actually interested in a date night – If you’re wondering how your spouse would be affected by your balance, they are.  In this case your wife has the energy and interest in date night, because you are now playing a greater role in being a parent, giving her more energy.  Yes, your imbalance affects hers.
  • You are now playing volleyball with friends again, and they are no longer nagging you.
  • You are writing that book again, and you feel pretty good about it – you have a plan, a goal, and the time to do it.
  • You’re saving money on gas because you no longer have to drive your daughter to practice, and you have the car available to grocery shop, which means you’re saving more money by not going out as much which also means you are your daughter are closer because you cook together every Wednesday and because you’re closer and she feels more involved and takes ownership of chores.  (there’s actually more to this run on sentence!  But, that’s enough)  See my post on the Sliding Puzzle for more on how so many things are connected.
  • You don’t hate your job, because you got a different one.  After identifying that it was a huge imbalance and was draining all your energy you were able to get a new one.  We defined what you wanted, and why you weren’t having any luck.
  • You met a nice guy.  You were about to give up on on-line dating, but we worked together, rewrote your profile and I explained some of the formula of how online dating works.  You put in a fraction of the energy and got much better results.
  • You are much healthier and lost some weight.  All this time you enjoyed cooking, and just signing up for that healthy cooking class gave you more energy because you combined a passion with health.  You got more energy twice, once for doing something you love, and once again because you’re healthier doing it.
  • You started a book club because you needed the socialization, and really didn’t have a hobby.  You didn’t think “reading” was a hobby, but we made it both.  Now you love reading even more and are considering writing.
  • You see your parents more.  You couldn’t before because your schedule just didn’t allow it, and you had that stress and guilt.  I taught you how to shift things to open up your schedule, to prioritize the things you want to do.  They really like the weekly visit.  You don’t have the guilt.  You don’t have that particular stress anymore.
  • Your son is doing better in school because he has a tutor.  The tutor cost minimal resources, and recovered time and energy.  You thought it was too expensive, and felt it should be something you should be able to do.  We figured out that it cost more not to have one, and that it reflected positively on your parenting to have one.  You now have more time to work on misc items while he is getting the help he needs, and you no longer feel guilty about him struggling.
  • You found a church to go to like you been wanting to do.  But, until now you didn’t have much direction and it was sort of daunting, especially with motivating the kids.  Now that they are motivated by breakfast and stories afterwards they happily (for the most part) go.

Do any of these things sound like something you want?  I could easily go on.


So what else do you want?

Not everything you want is going to be on that list.  This is a highly personal service.  What do you want?  If it’s not here, feel free to share in the comments on the FB page.

And for a consultation go to the alchemyfor.life page.  To never miss an update follow the FB page or the Twitter account.