Imagine that you meet an extradimensional being.  What’s an extra dimensional being?  That would be someone who not only experiences the four dimensions we seem to live in (physical space and time) but enjoys a few more.  He looks pretty normal, and might even be wearing a hat.  However, there is one aspect of time that does not affect him the way it affects you – for him it’s not linear.  For him, your entire life is a long licorice whip.  He can see the start and the end.  At any time he can take the licorice whip  – in this case its the red kind – and he car curl it up a bit so that its all bunched up.  Now that its bunched up he can jump to and see any part of it.

So, you have a nice conversation, but as he is talking to you, he says “why do you live here?”

“Here?” you ask, confused.  “Um…”  It’s clear that he doesn’t mean your house.

“Oh” catching on, you respond, “Oh well thats how it works for us – always moving forward.  We can’t help it.”  Hopefully you can make him understand that we always live in this very moment as time passes.

He touches your arm, and immediately you are seeing something familiar.  Your home is gone, faded away.  In place is a familiar surrounding.  It’s the person you used to be quite fond of.  They are angry with you, and you

“No, here.” he says slowly.  You look around.  it’s a thought you’ve had, over and over again.  its a very negative experience you elive while you are in the car going to work, or in the shower, or even after  fight you have with someone completely unrelated.  It pops in, and you get angry, or sad, or have feelings of hopelessness.

He then releases his touch and it all fades away, but the feeling is really strong, like when you have an emotionally charged dream and for half the day you think about something you never would have pondered about.

“Um, we all have memories like this.  They are painful and…

“Then why do you live there?”

“We… I, don’t live there.”  You’re still shaking off the emotions of …”

“Oh, yeah we relive moments, but it doesn’t mean we live there.”

He looks you in the eyes as he sees you making the connection finally.

“Yes, you do.”





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