Cecily is in her final year of college.  She’s learned a lot in the last four years.  Her study abroad time in Germany helped expand her horizons, and gave her a unique perspective.

I like to examine the discussion and see how the guest touches on podcasts and articles.  It provides a very good grounding, a real life demonstration of the stuff I talk about, and a further reading/listening for you.  

Further Reading/Listening

  • Cecily mentions how the travel abroad time in Germany expanded her horizons.  It gave her a better perspective on Time, like we discuss in Time Compression and Productivity – mindfulness of moments.  Her flow of time seemed to change, which is markedly different than how things seemed in her first year.
  • In her first year she was spending four hours a day in rowing class –  a massive commitment of time.  She was also working and focusing on schoolwork.  Something had to give, just like we discuss in Balance and The Sliding Puzzle.
  • Cecily’s journey has taught her a lot about what she liked, and what she didn’t.  She’s seen what’s drained her, and what has energized her.  Even though she worked seven hour shifts as a waitress, the socialization seemed to recharge her.  This recharging proves Why Energy Is Key and we discuss it at length in the article of the same name.