Did the Law of Attraction work for you?  It didn’t?  Like most modern coaching teaches, it must be something you did wrong, you’re not ready, your energy is not in sync and you didn’t really want it.

Or something else is afoot.

So why didn’t it work, you ask?


Because the law of attraction is not a real thing but instead is a view of a real thing.

It’s sort of like saying If you’re really nice and think happy colorful thoughts you will attract butterflies. Then two months later you see a bunch of butterflies in front of your house!

To the law of attraction people this is proof. What actually happened was that you tried really hard to think colorful thoughts. Then one day at a garden center, you bought a whole bunch of flowers and planted them. You were at the garden center because you started looking for more color in your life, and the sale paper for the center caught your eye. So you went down and looked around to take in more color and then thought “what the hell” and bought the flowers.

Fast forward two months and the front of your house has much more color in the form of flows that attract butterflies.

Cause and effect.

You wouldn’t (probably) have planted the flowers had you not started thinking “more colorful thoughts” but it was the planting of flowers that caused the butterflies to show up.

What you are describing is that you want a certain thing, and that sets a whole chain of events in motion, some direct, some subtle and unconscious. Byt the time these causes and effects happen you have probably moved on to something else, thus the lack of sync you are describing.

It sort of shows the futility of of doing the Magic Wish Fairy version of life direction. It can maybe, sorta kinda work sometimes, but it was your traceable tangible actions each time that caused it, combined with something the physics and math community like to call Pure Freakin Random Chance.

And yes, I read the book and saw the movie.

So, post mortem –

  • If you want something and you seem to eventually get it, think about what you have been doing, and the connected events that caused it. Something as simple as being in a place you never frequent or even “thinking happy thoughts” and “being positive” have an outward effect on the real world. If you are “being positive” then you are acting differently towards other people, and you even look different because you are smiling.
  • Next time you want something, think of the tangible, actionable things needed to accomplish it. And give yourself credit.

Hope that helps.