Ups and Downs?

You’ve heard that a million times – that life has its ups and downs.  But that’s not helpful.  And people only tell you that when something bad is happening, right?  No one ever reminds you that life has ups and downs when you’re in the middle of an up.

You: “I just got that promotion!”

Them: “Well, life is full of ups and downs, Phil.”

It’s a cycle!

Saying life has ups and downs sounds like it is a series of random bad and good events.  While there is a little of that, for the most part that’s not how it works.  Instead, life is cyclical.  Meaning, things in your life happen in cycles.  And yes I know that means there are ups and downs, but it doesn’t mean a random bad thing happened, it means you are on a downward swing on an aspect of your life.  Knowing that, you realize that there will be an upward swing.  And, to make matters better, you can help minimize the downward swing.

Having cycles is a healthy, essential part of your life.  Life is made of them – these cycles.  It’s a rhythm.

Listen to find the takeaways, and what you can do about it.