Today’s interview is with Mark Black, a speaker who resides in Canada.  Mark is a double lung and heart transplant recipient.  That’s right, double lung and heart.  We chat about time, energy and resources, how he handled the transition, what he went through, how things changed for him, and what it is like to be on the other side of things.

Listen to this awesome chat.

Take aways and revelations as always –

  • Mark’s energy dramatically changed before, during and after his ordeal.  He understands completely that energy is not just physical energy, but mental and emotional gas.  As I have said in other articles, you may have the time and resources to do something, but if you don’t have the energy you won’t do it.
  • Mark is very focused on resilience, and is certainly a living example of it.  He demonstrates what we discuss in Resilience is a system.
  • Mark explains that we spend a lot of our time and energy (and resources) on things we can’t really control
  • Zero is not a hangnail – people like Mark demonstrate that having a good awareness of what good and bad is.  He has bad days, but his scale is set properly and anyone who has gone though trauma typically has a better perspective
  • He talks about how going through a transition, some people handle it differently, as we discuss in my talk Balance Through Transition – that a part of it is nurture, some of it is nature.
  • Mark became very aware of the fact that Balance Is a Sliding Puzzle when he returned from three hour runs and realized that


Visit Mark’s site at  His book is available on  Mark has three kids, is frequently a keynote speaker and runs marathons.  

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