Tsufit started out life as an attorney, then had four kids in four years, soon after she had what she calls a Peggy Lee moment.  She went into music and started going to comedy clubs with her guitar.

She had a dream of being an actress, comedian, and did indeed go on to create an album and music CD – promoted to top of album lists.  I identify her as what I call a “Dual Brained Individual.”  It takes one to know one.

We talk about how she went into coaching and what lead her to create the Step Into The Spotlight book found on Amazon.com.  We discuss how one is to manage more than one persona for those unlucky enough to be good at more than one thing.   We have a great discussion on status, much to my delight!

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The The One Minute Millionaire book she mentions for sula brained individuals.

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If you don’t listen to the last eleven minutes you will miss out on some really good, tangible stuff.


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