You’ve heard and seen and read motivational speakers, motivational people, thought leaders, influencers, etc. etc. etc. You hear that you should live with passion and that you should reach for the stars and that you should do that thing and that you should go for it right? If you’re lucky they leave you feeling energized and excited about that next step. But then you hear them again or you hear another speaker or you see another motivational post and it’s the same thing. 

So now you’re all excited and ready, but ready for what? That next step? That next thing? To live with passion and no regrets? “But what is that?” you think, as you continue to clothe yourself, to feed you and your family, to go to work and earn money… “What is that?”

“What do you want from me?!” you say as their pleas for your excitement and your pushing forward in life start to annoy you. “You keep telling me to press on and be the best I can be and so forth”. 

Then you see them again and again and now you see the pattern. You’re supposed to do it – they want you to do it. And finally you yell at the TV or the radio or the podcast or YouTube video or the book…

“What do you want from me?!”

The problem is they’re not in a position to want what you want. They don’t know what they want from you other than to succeed and be successful and perhaps do it in a way that is profitable to them. They can’t answer your question but they can continue to hammer you again and again and again.

See, there comes a time in which you realize all the motivation in the world doesn’t do anything if you don’t know what you want. Want is desire and desire has been demonized. You just want to be happy but what makes you happy? You want to be successful but what is success to you? You just want to be in a better place but where is that place exactly?

Before the first leaf falls, before you hunker down and batten the hatches for winter. Before the weather turns to “back to school weather“ and something deep inside you says I better get serious…

Figure out what it is you want.

There’s a sheet online right now that you can fill out. It’s only got five columns. It’s not an in-depth evaluation. It doesn’t even have any questions, just five columns. Fill out the sheet and you’ll already be a lot clearer on what it is you want. Send this to me and have a phone call with me and you’ll be even closer.