I took an early walk, and thought about my day. Being a fairly decisive person I wondered why I was having so much trouble deciding if I was going to hang out by the lake and write something?

It seemed like a simple decision – either I am going to do it or not? Is there something more pressing – something more important that I needed to do instead?

That’s it, right? Yet I went back and forth on it as I walked. Neither decision felt “right.” One of them has to be right, or at least one of them has to “more right.” Right?

The problem wasn’t that one of the options didn’t feel more correct, it was something else. Perhaps the root of indecision for that moment, and maybe for moments in your life, was the something else…

If you’re experiencing indecision on something its probably caused by one of five things:

  • Not enough information.
  • Two (or more) items are in conflict.
  • Two or more items are of equal value to you. Time, energy and resources assessment fixes that
  • Not being honest with yourself – you feel obligated to do one, but really want to do the other
  • Good/better best

PS – This podcast was also produced as a youtube video. Check it out on the Alchemy for Life youtube channel.