Whatever you commit to happens. You’ve heard that before, right?

There really only are three things you need to know about getting something done:

  • Whatever you commit to happens
  • You may already be committed to things you’re not aware of
  • The results of commitment vary

You may already be committed to things and probably are. You were committed to these things because of obligation or fear or pleasure, etc. So that means you only have so much time, energy and resources available for the thing you want to commit to. Which of course brings us back to the balance sheet because everything always does.

 The results of your commitment will of course vary. This means that you shouldn’t think that as long as you commit to something it’ll happen 100%. That’s going to vary based on your skill your energy (and your desire). So if you commit to something – truly commit – and it doesn’t happen exactly the way you expected to it doesn’t mean what I’m saying is wrong. It means results will vary.

As a proof of this point you can take a look at what you are committed to. Which again of course is what the balance sheet does.

If you do examine this you’re going to find that certain things get done – even the things you don’t really want to get done. Even the negative things.

Did you ever think that you may be overweight not because you are having trouble losing it but because you were so committed to the thing that causes it? That sounds crazy doesn’t it? But it’s true. Think about your commitment to flavor and flavors and eating and enjoying your meal and just having your own private time of having that awesome dinner or that awesome snack or the fact that you absolutely love ice cream and seek it out.

That’s commitment and a byproduct of that commitment is a lot of extra weight and an inability to lose it.

We can apply this same perspective to dating. If you always seem to end up with the same guys that drive you crazy it’s probably because of your commitment to something which produces the guys. Again, tangibly, I’m talking about an actual commitment not a vibration thing.

I know I use this one to death but a commitment to tall guys will get you tall guys. If a lot of them happen to be jerks because you weren’t committed to finding a nice guy and you may be confused as to why you keep picking a lot of jerks. It’s because they are tall jerks. Not to say that there aren’t any really nice tall guys. But you get the point.

So what do you do? You review your commitments before you make a new one. If there is a bad thing happening in your life review your commitments to see if you’re committed to something that is causing it. If you want a good thing to happen in your life you have to see how much time, energy and resources you have to create that commitment.

And of course there’s a wonderful worksheet that does that for you called the balance sheet. Taking it up a notch and you can have someone review that worksheet with you. 🙂