What’s the framework of your life? It sounds like a big question and it sounds like something that one would design. But instead it’s something we end up with isn’t it?.

What do I mean by framework. I mean the metaphorical things that support your life

When things fall apart what’s left to hold it together?

You may think it’s your job or your family or your friends or even your hobby and in many cases this is true. However the answer may surprise you. Your framework gets revealed typically when you have a crisis.

It’s not so much who comes running to your aid or to support you but rather what you feel like migrating towards. You may have a crisis and in an effort to get your bearings all you wanna do is that hobby you really like. If you could just do that thing you’re sort out the rest. When someone suggests that you are avoiding the trauma what you were actually doing is holding onto your framework while you get your bearings.

I mention this to you because we have crisis and trauma in her lives and sometimes we have change. Even little things that disrupt a day in her life can tell us what our framework is. Or in some cases who it is.

You may have had the proverbial friend that calls you when there is an issue and says I couldn’t think of anyone else to call but you.

That’s really the best kind of romantic relationship to happen to be in as well. But it just means you’re part of that framework you’re important.

And again it’s not to take up your swords or even take any action other than to continue to be part of it and not go away.

So the Takeaway is it may be beneficial to understand what your framework right now actually is.

When your world is turned upside down but do you want?

 And, understanding that you were part of someone else’s framework can make all the difference in the world.

For those of you who have heard my resilience podcast you may see some similarities here. There are.