Stream of consciousness – not

The good news is that this podcast is not about my “random thoughts.” If you’ve listened to my two podcasts on writing that book you know that I’m not a fan of streams of consciousness as your first book, or your second, or your fifth. So I will never burden you with a podcast that does the same thing. Instead we are going to talk about your random thoughts.

Random Thoughts

Everyone has them. If you are a person that focuses on work, does your thing and just gets on with your life you may just completely ignore them. If you consider yourself a “creative” you may embrace them—even shape them—to fit what it is you want to be creative in. Sometimes they are silly and sometimes they are annoying. Sometimes they are curious and sometimes they might even inspire you. Sometimes it’s all of the above for maximum confusion.

Let’s walk through some quick tips on how to recognize, capture and even put these thoughts to work for you so that you can give them a chance to produces something interesting for you.

At the simplest core it is just making a list, however we’re going to pursue some clever ways to store them.

  • Establish a place to write them down – notebook, email to yourself, software or even one of these cool things
  • Write a brief description – if you can’t, it’s not distilled enough. Then leave it alone
  • Delve into it further – this will happen because you wrote it and left it alone
  • Present it – to yourself, or even the world

Productive, helpful and fun

As always it’s just ten minutes (11 minutes and 15 seconds actually, but who is keeping track?) so you can get back to what you want to do this morning—or whenever you’re listening to this.


As I say in the podcast, if you try any of these simple tips and they work for you I’m always happy to hear from you. Feel free to contact me through the forms on the site, or on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Give it a week. Feedback is always appreciated.