Denis Murphy is an author, podcaster and computer programmer.

He’s passionate about combining my knowledge in linguistics, psychology and computer programming to create a positive impact in the world. He does this both through his podcast as well as his new book

His Happy Mindset podcast focuses on talking about psychology, happiness and creative writing.

Language hacking

Denis learned French at 14, and soon after Spanish and Italian. At this time he developed his concept of “language hacking” which allowed him to learn at an accelerated rate. Like us, he likes learning. However, around this time something rather disturbing happened to him. He had a psychotic break.

Psychotic break – Taking My Life Back

We talk candidly about his very difficult time. Denis had a break from reality—a psychotic episode of hallucination and paranoia. Though it was quite disorienting and disturbing, this gave him an opportunity to delve into the mind. He shares his experience with the psychosis and how he came out the other side. As with everything we can see this as a learning experience, and hopefully you will have some takeaways too.


If you’ve ever have dreaded learning you will appreciate the discussion. Denis recalls being a bit angry about how he was taught, once he figured out a few things about how the mind learns. I had a similar experience.

Join us. Have coffee. Happy Sunday.