Welcome to my world!

I’d like to welcome the potential millions of people who are being forced to join my world. Now you’re working at home which means you have to figure out how to apply yourself without anybody looking over your shoulder. You have to be self-directed and you have to not give in to the fact that there’s a refrigerator 12 feet away from wherever you are. If you have a pet or children you have to set boundaries for them so that you can focus. You have to adjust to the fact that you may actually work in pajamas but you still have to conduct yourself as if you’re wearing suit in the law firm. You have to adjust to the fact that you may actually get involved in a very productive mode in which you forgot to take a shower and feel like you’re some sort of schlub. Or you have to manage the fact that you do indeed have to start your day bright And early with the shower.

In the podcast I cover….

Less Human Interaction

You’ll have much less human interaction now and you are used to. Because of this you’ll feel a sense of being disconnected and isolated. WHat do you do?


When you have lunch it’ll probably be something you’ve made it home like leftovers something you cook for yourself Or some sort of pick up and go. How do you handle this time? Is there a new routine you can introduce?


You may find your gym is closed, so you can do something that is both healthy and inspiring—and I even use it to organize my schedule. I give you a tip on this method of not only exercise but schedule management. I know, right?


Get ready to talk to yourself a lot more than you used to. Here’s why you do it, and what it means.

Importance of work / home boundaries

Get ready to assign yourself specific boundaries of working. You can no longer rely on the car ride, or the distance, or the building. Find out why this is important, and how to do it.

Increased creativity

Get ready for increased creativity, and a creative urge you may never have had before. See my podcast called Congratulations, you’re bored for more information on that.

Be informed but don’t be goaded into panic

Do read up a bit on the facts. And I’m talking simple facts not possibilities or horrible historical event. Just the facts. Remember if the news can’t shock you with something terrible they don’t get the clicks and the views.

All this stuff will eventually come to pass as everything does. Listen to the podcast – one that was voted in the top 10 “most relaxing podcasts” last year. I got you on this.