Archy Jay

Archy Jay is better known as The Snake Charmer Bagpiper. You may have caught one of her covers or originals on youtube. If not, then you are missing out. She’s a very skilled bagpiper who produces delightful music. We talk about her music, her beginnings and you’ll be surprised at just when she actually picked up the bagpipes.

As you know I am always thrilled to discuss creativity with a creative, and if they happen to be dual-brained (which most are) then that’s even better! We discuss some pitfalls of creativity just like I covered in does this suck? She was no different.

Archy Jay has a message for people in the same point in life as she is—and It’s regarding risk.  If you’re there you’ll want to hear this. And even if you’re in a different age bracket you’ll still enjoy it.

Homegrown and self-taught

Her videos and music are all homegrown and created with a very small group. In fact, her original song Nageena was created with just a group of four and that included her. It’s this type of outcome that demonstrates that the work you’re putting into your creativity certainly can make a huge difference and reach a very large audience. It doesn’t always take a massive crew.

Creative control

Archy learned the hard way about how important creative control was to have. Meaning, handing off a piece and depending on others cost her a good deal of time and effort when she was first starting out. it is a lesson that many learn, and creatives have to walk the fine line between being forced to do everything and having too many eggs in one basket.


It’s so easy to find a reason not to do something, but finding a reason that you can is another thing entirely. We chat about this and come up with inspiration while we are talking about inspiration—how meta!

You can find her videos on Youtube as TheSnakeCharmer, on Instagram as TheSnakeCharmerBagpiper and on Twitter as TheSnakeCharmer. (Click the links to go to those respective accounts). Follow her youtube channel for new music including covers and originals. Her music is also on Spotify and iTunes! Just like this podcast, subscribe to her stuff and you won’t miss new releases.