You are most certainly a curious person if you listen to this podcast (and others like it). It puts you in the minority of people, because contrary to your perception not everyone is like you. Sure, there are a lot of smart, and applied, and learned people out there. But are they curious?

You have or will find that asking questions can sometimes get you into trouble. This podcast is not about asking questions when appropriate, but rather going to the next level in understanding. Just asking the next question can garner information that will start a cascading effect of next questions—sometimes without end.

The hidden learning

Often times in life we are told a fact and we accept it, without question. Again, this is not about challenging facts or statements, but instead asking what is behind it. We can take the current quarantine situation as a perfect example of this. There are many facts and statements about the virus, the origin, the effects, the cure, and the quarantine. A simple “But why though…?” reveals a lot. I have learned much about things we take for granted and just love the discoveries I’ve made—and most of them started with just asking the next question.

Internally or externally

Note that “asking the next question is not always external.” You do not have to voice it to a person. You can ask yourself what, why, how something is the way it is. If you tell someone an interesting fact and they tilt their head and pause, they are most likely asking themselves the next question. Sometimes they voice it to you; sometimes they don’t.

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