The I Word

People approach me all the time and say what if you did this? What… you did that? Everyone has great ideas. Everyone has crazy ideas. Everyone has interesting ideas. It’s easy to come up with a dozen or so half-baked ideas. We do it all the time—especially when alcohol (or even coffee) is involved. But so what? Having ideas doesn’t make someone point at a thing and say “You did that?!” WHat do i mean by crazy ideas?

Here are some crazy ideas:

You’ve had a lot of dating experience you should write a book about it!

I wonder if there’s some thing that all relationships have in common? That would make a crazy experiment/discussion!

If someone would just put all this coaching nonsense in the one book and just tell you what to do and how to do it. I bet that would be cool. And even with worksheets you could do!

Do you think there’s any way to actually track how much balance there is in your life? I’m sure it’s different for any everyone but are there common facets that everyone could identify with and use?

I saw the scene in my head and boy you could write like a whole book about it! Y’know… it was like…. Wouldn’t it be cool?

Other dating sites suck. They’re all the same. If you examined all of them and then compared them to real life I bet you could make a really cool dating site if you weren’t trying to rip people off!

Some of those may sound familiar to you. Or they may sound like things you’ve said or heard—especially if you are an idea person or someone who has the entrepreneur spirit, is creative, or has crazy creative people in your life. It’s also sometimes the kind of conversation you have a parties.

Here’s the secret:  Each and every one of those things became a real thing.

So what made them different then all the other crazy ideas?

Implementation. What an exciting and sexy word that is eh? (shakes head)

Obviously each thing, each idea, each concept is unique in the way that it must be approached. But they all have that in common. You can have one million ideas every day but if you don’t stop and focus and consider plan and implement, nothing will ever come of it. It will stay an idea forever. Or more frustratingly for you, someone else will implement it and annoy you. And then you’ll tell everyone “that was my idea!”