In my podcast called resilience is a system of your own personal resilience to things in your life comes from a web work of other people.

You can’t really do it alone. I envision it as a web because it stretches and pulls back and forth and when things stretch in one direction your friends and family stretch it in other directions—thus keeping things balanced.   

There’s another version of that-the web work of sorts that is managed by friends and family. It relates to your quality of life, what you encounter and what you’re exposed to. I’m not talking about those that live in a bubble or an echo chamber—which are detrimental things in their own right. I’m talking about a tribal mind based on trust.

A filter in its most basic form keeps out the things you don’t want and allows things through that you do.

Our friends and family and acquaintances and network do the same thing.

In our business world we are all forced to network probably more than we want.   Our ultimate goal is to make more contacts, gain new  clients, spread the word about our product and learn how we can better help other people.

If one of the people in our network is explaining our product wrong, giving false information about what we can and can’t do, even calling into question the quality of our product, then that’s a problem. That part of our filter is broken. They are not letting in those who would be great clients. They are turning away clients and even poisoning some of the fish tank.

What happens if the filter fails?

Let’s talk about it on the podcast… Come join me.