Whether you are a dad or fulfill the role of one, you make a difference in the life of someone. So, Happy Father’s Day to you.

Today we celebrate by chatting with Mark Williams, Tedx speaker, dad and advocate for men’s mental health. He has his own story to tell and we delve into what set him on the path as an advocate. he shares some suprising, and not so suprising facts about fatherhood and mental health.

Like many others, I have had a rather solemn experience raising two kids by myself. And as a man I can tell you things were at the least not as expected and at the worst a bit shocking.

It is so nice to see people like mark who are not only interested in this journey, but in developing a much needed support system. The day after father’s day (tomorrow) is international men’s mental health day.

PS – As a thank you to dads, The Sword and the Sunflower is completely free on kindle this weekend. If you like it, perhaps you’ll pick up the vivid paperback, if not it’s still absolutely free as a thank you to all the dads out there. Enjoy!

PPS – Mark actually read it and was kind enough to give it a great review. As an interesting side note, he commented on the layout. As someone who deals with ADHD he found it particularly easy to read. Thanks Mark!