Sorry. That’s just the way it is.

Have you ever noticed that? Does this sentence ring true to you? Think about your personal relationships. Think about your clubs, associates and groups. Think about your workplace.


You’re at a seminar and someone keeps asking “dumb” questions. What happens then? Other people chime in to help, and even the speaker might might an inordinate amount of time and effort trying to walk them through this simple point. He even brings them up again as an example in the talk—giving them even more to work with.

In a group at work of equals (everyone does the same job) the person that behaves as if they don’t get something seems to get less work, have less expectations placed on them, and has more leeway for error.

Do you have an example. I bet you do.


So, you’re now aware of this, and the “mis” treatment that comes with it. The awareness may make you a little miffed. It’s OK. But what now. Listen to the podcast for more…

If you are bored then you can read about why that’s a good thing in Congratulations, you’re bored.

🌻 (I misspoke in my closing statement. The Sword and the Sunflower won best Author 2020, not 2021.)