I have a confession. When the kids were younger and it was my birthday, I couldn’t help myself. When I was married my wife was a stay at home mom. I had no expectations of presents and like the cliche you only learn once you become a parent, it truly meant the most to me to get a present from my kids that they created. I still feel that way.

However, I couldn’t help myself, and when we were out to dinner for my birthday, I would get the kids presents. A little something here and there. “Why not?” I would say.

Then it happened again the next year. And the next.

And thus the “Reverse Birthday” was born.

DIsclaimer: I want to make it clear that I am not talking about NOT being humble, or trying to “control” everything by being the one with the power/money at the time. As I said the presents little kids (and even big kids and big, fully functioning adults) create are the most precious and valuable. It’s just something I did to see joy in other people’s faces.

Sorry I had to make the disclaimer, but I want NO misconceptions here for the 2% of people that might skim this and click their tongues.

Moving on…

So, I want to continue that tradition with you. I can’t buy everyone something. And something I create has the most meaning. So what can I get you for my Reverse Birthday (yeah, it’s actually today)? I’m an Aquarius, if you hadn’t figured that out already.

Your Reverse Birthday Present

Part of what gives validity to “the thought that counts” is getting something that they actually find joy with. So, the only way I know you found joy is if you’ve already gotten one. So, if you pick up a copy of one of my books, I will send you a signed copy of another (it can be the same book if that’s what you want).

Meaning, if you pick up a copy of The Sword and the Sunflower, I will send you a signed copy of Amira, or another copy of The Sword and the Sunflower to give to a friend. If you buy The Status Game II, I can send you a copy of Alchemy For Life: Formulas for Success. Book for a book. This offer is available for the following physical books: The Sword and the Sunflower, Amira, Alchemy for Life: Formulas for Success, The Status Game II, OneSelf: Have Faith, In Yourself.


  1. I can only send physical books to the continental united states.
  2. I can’t send you a physical book if you’ve gotten the audio book, or the kindle.
  3. This offer is only good today (February 10th, 2021) through Valentines Day, 2021.
  4. This offer only applies to books purchased during the above aforementioned period, not to books you’ve already purchased.

How do I know you purchased the book in the first place? Because you upload an action shot to Amazon, and then email me.

If it sounds convoluted, it’s not. it’s just a way for people to get the signed copy and avoid any… issues.

To get a Reverse Birthday Present from me

  1. Purchase one of the physical books mentioned above between February 10th, 2021 and February 14th, 2021.
  2. Upload an action shot of you with the book to Amazon into that book’s area.
  3. Send an email to me telling me that you did that (it helps if you include the user name so I know which one is you).
  4. Pick a book, and let me know who I should address it to (meaning your first name, or the first name of the person you’re giving it to).
  5. Provide our physical mailing address in the email.
  6. Sit back and wait for the Reverse Birthday Present, knowing that you are just a fun person.
  7. Perhaps you’ll continue the tradition of my Reverse Birthday, and maybe you’ll even use the signed book as your first gift to someone.

Or, you could just click your tongue at how absurd this is.