Did you know the better you are at something the more likely someone is to undervalue it? Counterintuitive? Right?

Your response is that if someone is clearly better and an “expert” then they would obviously charge more money and be greatly valued. You’re right. But there is a threshold…

The threshold

Once you pass the threshold to being so good at something that you do it quickly, efficiently, epicly, then you are in a class by yourself. When things are this good and you give people exactly what they wanted and then some, they will never see the options. They will never see the discarded ideas—the ones that didn’t work, the errors and traps that you avoided for them. It’s pretty much perfect. If they don’t see it, they don’t value it.

Time, Quality and Cost

You thought i was going to say Time, Energy and Resources™. Ha. Have you ever seen the chart in the shape of a triangle? At the points of the triangle it has those words: Time, Quality and Cost. You get to pick two. If you pick time and quality then you’re gonna pay good money for it, if you pick cost and time then the quality is not going to be there, or you’ll get a scaled-down version, etc. You get it.

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