Self Love or crazy?

You’re all familiar with staycations, and self love and doing things for yourself. We all get that, but those words are probably hollow and really don’t motivate a lot of us to do nice things for ourselves.

Your friend is important

If youir friend is coming over you would definitely make time and plan to do that thing they like—a show, a play, an event or even something that is specific to your city. You’d do it because they are important and you can provide it.

Or, you may also plan to have them over because they agreed to help you with something, and having help always makes the time go faster. It’s one of the things I discuss in my talk called Do it to a F.A.U.LT. Either way let’s take that concept and and make it work for us—without having to even involve a friend.

Two sides to this

There are two aspects of this: Doing something fun, and getting something done. So for our takeaways we have two challenges.

  1. Choose something fun you’ve been wanting to do, and then make an appointment to do it (you can just say ‘tomorrow’ and don’t necessarily have to pick a time of day). Then act like your friend is coming over to enjoy that. make the arrangements you normally would – ignoring your phone (or using it less—you don’t want to be a rude friend), actually setting aside time, making sure it is the best experience and even cleaning up your home a bit or buying snacks (or arranging proper transportation for an external event).
  2. Choose a task that you’ve been dreading and make sure it’s not something that requires that you have another person help you. We don’t want you being crushed by trying to move a piano up a flight of stairs! Again, set a time, and commit. If you ask a friend for help what do you always do (or at least offer)? A reward of course. Go to dinner, have a beer, etc.

Let me know, as always, if these crazy change of perspectives work for you.