What is ownership?

We understand ownership in the traditional and physical sense. But there is another type of ownership, and our brain assigns it often when we aren’t looking.

Thoughtful Consideration

There are too many things / blogs / Articles out there that are based on just random interactions. This is normally not one of them. I’ve done 100+ episodes and they have almost all been from consideration, popular topics, a unique take on something, etc. But they are not because I just had something anecdotal happen to be and hey you should drop everything and listen to my day. Nope. Well, except this time.

Hey did you know I wrote some books?

Yeah, that’s probably not something you didn’t know. And as you can imagine when it comes up I’m happy to talk about it—all authors are and have to be shameless promoters. This time it was because of my swag. I was wearing the hat pictured here. it started a conversation about the two fiction, The Sword and the Sunflower and Amira. it was the second book that sparked the conversation. She very much did not like that word, because to her it was a name, and a person and…

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