Creativity is/has a super power

OMG I’m not going to say that. I’ve already spoken my peace on the whole [INSERT THING] is a superpower. News Flash: it isn’t. But being a ‘creative’ allows you to have something that ‘non-creatives’ do not have, and its liberating, empowering and downright wonderful.

Creatives vs. non-creatives

You know how I feel about labels (hint: The same as Nietzsche did) but for purposes of the podcast lets compare the two labels. A creative is someone who typically creates content as part of their gig – art, videos, stories, writing, performances, etc. Non-creatives typically don’t. That’s it. We won’t get into the whole “dual-brained” thing I pontificate on all the time and muck things up.

The creative special power

If you are a finance person*, you probably won’t spend hours just making pivot tables for the heck of it and go “ooh, cool.” Creative people, however, sometimes do things start to finish because they want to see how it turns out. They want to see how it looks. Sometimes they make a thing because it’s in their brain and they want to see it in real life because they want to.

To others this could seem like a huge waste of time, or a flight of fancy. Maybe it is, but for the creative it’s a way to experiment with sculptures, textures, story ideas, plot elements, video effects… It’s a substantial investment of…

Time Energy and Resources™

To have this freedom of investing all three of the elements is the super secret power of a creative.

(Listen for more…)

*No disrespect meant to finance people. I love fiance people.