Your calendar

I’ve found that the best ‘to do list’ isn’t a list but items on a calendar. That way not only do you have a list, but you can assign a time and length too. And if you don’t get a chance to do it in the alloted time you can adjust the length accordingly after the fact. It makes for a very nice historical record. it is this historical record that I am referencing in the podcast.

Productivity / Obligation

We know that one of the five facets* of life is productivity/obligation. if you keep a calendar then it is probably full of events in this category. But is that all that’s on there?


As we know you can’t tell if you’re doing too much, or not enough unless you measure. Anything worth knowing about is worth measuring, right? So why not indirectly measure your fun too. We’re not talking about a two week appointment on your calendar called “vacation.”

The Little Things

So what about the little things? You know, the little things that everyone does during the day or week that makes them happy? Something you would never make an appointment for…. But what if you did?

*Remember the five facets of Alchemy are Productivity/Obligation, Rejuvenation/Fun, Learning, Health and Spirituality. Learn more on Alchemy for Life™ or in the book of the same name.