What would you do if all your tech was taken away?  If your loved ones were gone before you knew it?  What skills do you have to survive—without a government, a military, or electricity.  Are you ready for that?  And what would you do if the saviors of the human race came.  How would you react to The Saints?  And what would you do if your world was turned Upside Down.

Thought Experiment…go

Join me in the podcast for an interesting thought experiment that we can do right now.

The book – Upside Down

 Without too much fanfare I am releasing my seventh book and it is very different from anything else I’ve written.  When I wrote The Sword and the Sunflower duet it was from a very special place and a poem that seemed to write itself.  It was a story of love, family and adventure and the hero’s journey.  I’m a happy endings kind of guy.

While writing it I often referenced a history of pain and suffering and catastrophe—of horrible times in which the Earth lost most of its inhabitants.  What created the beautiful and wondrous yet dangerous world of Stojan and Anastazja was a long history of what occurred after an apocalypse.  What happened was mostly a memory in my mind as I wrote.  It was a place I dared not go.  But I knew the story eventually had to be told.  

So, now I am telling the story of exactly what happened.  The catastrophe, the deaths, the suffering.  The tale of how the interlopers manipulated humanity and used their beliefs against them.  You can now learn how we lost our technology, how we were made to rely on their wisdom—a wisdom that actually came from us.  It is not a story of broad brushes but of intimate relationships, and how not people, but each person dealt with such a thing.

So listen to the podcast, participate in the thought experiment – no tech, no power… nothing. And the check out the book.

There’s also a book giveaway on Goodreads right now too!