Do you have an audience?

Some people are saying yes; some people are saying no. But you might be surprised.

So people who create content—podcasts, music, painting, books—and people who gather people like musicians and speakers all have audiences, right? Well, they aren’t the only ones. You have an audience if you bring the pies for Thanksgiving, or regularly cook for your family, or even if you are the dude who picks up the recycling each week.

The larger the better… or maybe not

The aforementioned artists may have a huge audience. When they have an audience that is massive your gage for the quality of their work ultimately becomes one thing – money. The more sales they make the ‘better’ the artist clearly is right? That’s regardless of what they produce and how meaningful or helpful it is to civilization as a whole.

Obviously that set up has a number of flaws.

If you have a small audience you are more likely to want to interact with them.


If you are the person whose job it is to not dry out the turkey on Thanksgiving then you are probably interacting with your audience. If you cook regularly for your family, or you are the cleaning crew for an office building then you too have an audience.

We almost all do. Our interaction varies. It’s the close interaction that can be very meaningful.

I have an audience

If you think about your family, your peers, your co workers or your clients as an audience you may become much more aware of how your work affects them—and be more open to feedback.

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