Everything is fantasy

It is. Think about it. Everything. This doesn’t just apply to people who create something from nothing. This applies to everyone. That includes you.

All people do this

There’s no job that you can mention that doesn’t do this – bricklayer, marketing exec, race car driver, CEO, artist, writer, stay at home mom. You have to think about what you are going to do before you do it. Even if your job is repetitive. The bricklayer checks the weather and has to make sure the humidity or rain isn’t too much. He envisions the road being muddy. The marketing exec composes an ad and then imagines people clicking on it, and the numbers it generates. The race car driver imagines the pull of the g’s in the turn, the lack of vision from the helmet, etc. Everything is first imagined and then realized. And yes, sometimes it’s not realized, often it is realized differently than it was imagined, and sometimes it comes to fruition exactly as imagined. For a creative, those are the weirdest times. Trust me.


It is because of time that fantasy becomes reality. You think it, you imagine it, and then it happens. Sometimes it happens differently and you adjust, and learn and then fantasize differently. There is no escaping this. Even if in the middle of raking leaves you drop the rake, run inside and decide to make a pizza you are still walking through (fantasizing) about how the stuff is going to mix, and even how it will smell. Time creates this. Time enables this.

The takeaways

So now what? Listen to the podcast and find out…