We have two subjects this Sunday – old news and new news.

Old (but extremely important) News

Around this time you are feeling an additional pull at your time, energy and resources. It’s the holiday season. Each year I give you a heads up and a warning about what is going to happen—and a way to deal with it. This year is no different. And since it’s no different, I think it’s important to revisit Balance and the holidays. That podcast will walk you through what to expect. Relief some of the stress of the holidays in exchange for understanding and peace. It did not make sense for me to just record a podcast that was 95% identical to that one because I am all about providing value to you. Speaking of value…

New News

I’m letting you know first. You know that we have 200+ episodes of the podcast (wehew!). It’s a way for you to sample and be informed of topics, tricks, pointers, information—even a new way of seeing the world. You know that i give talks, provide workshops and do one-on-one coaching. Those are all more interactive than a podcast (and longer than 10 minutes!).

Alchemy for Life has always been the big umbrella that this all fits under. What about me you say? Well I have something for you.

Alchemy for Me

School is open! Just like you can go to Alchemy for Life (https://alchemyfor.life) for all these goodies, you can now participate in deeper information in the form of courses. I waited a long time to do this because I wanted to have the right platform and method. You can now go to Alchemy for Me (https://alchemyfor.me) and I already have two courses waiting for you:

Actually writing a book – Writing a book to completion for first time authors. You’ve wanted to write a book, you’ve been writing a book, but now we are going to end the frustration, and guilt, and actually write the book.

Do it to a F.A.U.L.T. – One of the core tools I created to enable the people I coach to end frustration, do something the have to, want to, or aspire to.

Check it out, sign up for the free course. it may literally change your life.