You’re not alone. Here are do’s and don’ts for success in 2022. This bullet list and these resources will help you.

2022 and success – do’s and don’ts

  • Don’t make resolutions. Make a goal with a system behind it.
  • Become aware, then act on this awareness (that’s the whole premise of the podcast in case you haven’t noticed that yet).
  • Don’t be afraid to learn.
  • Don’t be afraid to be wrong, or at least have your understanding deepened and/or adjusted.
  • Consider how much time, energy and resources™ you’re spending on everything in your life and compare that to what you spend on yourself. The quality of your life is going to be commensurate with what you spend on yourself.
  • You’re human. Even when having great success you still have to take time to regenerate.
  • Balance is everything.
  • Do spend time, energy and resources on you, your life and your happiness.
  • Alchemy for Life™ podcast can help raise awareness and allow you to act on things that can greatly improve your life, usually in only 10 minutes
  • Alchemy For Meonline learning can provide classes (some completely free) that you can explore. Watch for new guest teachers in 2022 and an expanded list of classes ranging from time management to dating to health.