Robbin Castillo

Robbin is a personal trainer, teacher and coach. He provides Ascension coaching, Holistic personal training and masterclasses. I normally do not feature coaches on my interviews (I tend to get a lot of requests for appearances on my podcast by coaches) but I approached Robbin because of what I saw on Instagram. His physical feats and exercises that were “just because I want to try this” really spoke to me. Little did I know what his journey had been.

His journey

Living in the Netherlands he started in break dancing and appreciated the combination of effort and creativity (note the dual-brained thinking that once again appears with someone I connect with). He pursued answers to dieting, movement, body, spirit and those pursuits took him to India in which he lived in a monastery for a time. In studying and practicing yoga he also because vegetarian and then vegan but found a lack of strength which then moved him to a different path.

Moving your body functionally from A to B

It’s a deceptively simple thing, but Robbin says this is just the core of what he is doing. Think about if you can walk up a hill, or just climb over an obstacle. Seems easy but people tend to focus on a muscle or muscle group but the reality is we do need to move from A to B.

He mentions both Wim Hof and Joe Dispenza. Here are the links as promised.

Connect with Robbin

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Check him out on the web: (use google translate if you want to read it in English)