The comfort zone

If you hire a coach, have a review or consider accomplishing a new goal invariably the comfort zone is going to come up. And the first thing that will be discussed is you leaving the comfort zone. It will be discussed as if it is a bad thing, even though it’s where you live. Leave it!

But what’s the size of your comfort zone?

What they don’t even consider is the size of your comfort zone. What if it is massive? Kind of hard to leave something that you keep expanding like a person possessed. If your CZ (that’s short for Comfort Zone for us hip and trendy people) is super tiny then yes, it would probably benefit you to become a bit more comfortable with some basic stuff in life. But what if you’ve been there, done that? What if a lot of—if not most—things in life are pretty much within those bounds? Thern why should you feel badly, and why should you leave it?

Leaving the CZ for the sake of leaving it

What sense does it make to leave your comfort zone just for the sake of leaving it? I submit to you it does not. However, it makes sense to do so if there is a potential gain. There’s a difference between shoving yourself into the unknown for no reason to taking the plunge on something because you are curious, have always wanted to do it, or think it would benefit you.

Adjacent space

So, what if you could expand your space without leaving it…? Listen to the podcast to find out more.