Hakan Berg is known as The King of Birds. He was a finalist on Britain’s Got Talent, and fooled half of Penn and Teller on Fool us. Hakan and I had a surprisingly philosophical discussion about laughter, trust, vulnerability, magic and being in the present. We made a discovery together about an element that seems to be missing from all self care and self love lists, but is probably most needed when times are challenging for you.

One would think this would be a light-hearted discussion about performing, Britain’s Got Talent, competing in front of the two most well known magicians, and levity. It was, but that was just a small portion. The behind-the-scenes thought processes will speak volumes, and is something that anyone who creates for a living or even just for fun will need to hear.


Hakan Berg’s first appearance on BGT.
Penn and Teller’s Fool Us.

Fundraiser for Ukraine – “there must be light”

Hakan and an associate are doing a performance and collecting clothing, supplies, etc. for Ukraine.

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Second Part Coming Soon

Hakan has agreed to come back and answer questions, so do listen to this episode and do ask a question if you like. Questions will be curated and presented on his next appearance.

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