Fate & Destiny

Fate and Destiny mostly mean the same, don’t they? They’re sort of interchangeable—except for one thing: one makes you feel bad and the other makes you feel good.

Free will

It’ an age-old discussion, this talk of whether we have free will or not. What do you believe? Do you believe your actions today can change tomorrow, or is tomorrow going to happen regardless, because you were destined/fated to do what you do today?

If there is no free will you can either say this is your fate, or this is your destiny.

Fate is like being on a slanted roof and you keep falling and slipping and you feel helpless.

Destiny is like being on a trail leading to something and the things along the way all have to do with where you’re going…

In my humble opinion, of course.


  • Do you believe you have free will, or not?
  • If you believe that what happens will happen (fate/destiny) then examine how you feel about it.
  • Are you applying the label of fate to things you don’t like, but destiny to things you do? More often than not people apply the fate label but never embrace the destiny.
  • Listen to the Label podcast for more on the power of labels.