Special Announcement

This is a special announcement about free coaching that is being offered to two groups. The Alchemy for Life™ podcast subscribers group is one of the groups, which is why you’re seeing this. Congrats.

Here is the scoop

You’re probably just like me. You just want to know what this is all about, so here it is.

What:  A free limited coaching group to help you get things done

Where: via zoom or zoom-like software

When:  One(1) one hour weekly session for four(4) weeks, total of four(4) sessions.

How: First come, first served* with limited spots available, using video and a special downloadable sheet.

Why: to introduce you to the Life is made of three things™, and the FIve Facets of Life concepts, to help you get something done you don’t want to do, to relieve some of the stress you have.

But really, how come?   Because nothing is free (including earning new coaching clients).  I give away my product as an introduction, and you get it for free for helping others become aware of it.  Standard internet marketing stuff. Perhaps you’ll want to continue when the group sessions are done and do one-on-one with the full-blown system, perhaps you’ll just be quite satisfied with the gains and changes you’ve made through the group. It’s all good.

Listen to the podcast for the full details.

* Disclaimer:

  • This is available for a limited time since there is only so much time available in my schedule to run groups like this and I’m doing it for free. As much as I’d love to help 1,000 people through a bunch of free groups that’s not practical (and really what doing a seminar is for, and those aren’t normally free). It’s also one of the reasons I started the podcast originally—to help as many people as possible.
  • This is for a limited amount of people. Groups of eight or so and you must be a subscriber to the AFL podcast.
  • I’m only looking for people who are committed to doing something, getting something done and committing to the four sessions to be an active participant. You steal a spot from someone who really needs it if you agree and then drop out after one session. So please don’t.
  • You must be 21 years or older.
  • These are group sessions intended to help people with tangible things related to time, energy and resources. Please be polite. You will have a turn, but be mindful that others will want to speak as well and that everyone should have a turn.
  • This is real coaching using a tried and true universal system created from scratch (both system and online system) over the course of years. It is being offered for free but that does not diminish its value. You will be treated as any other client. In return please treat this seriously. You will get back what you put into it.

Helpful Video Conference tips:

Video Conf tips you may not realize you need., but are helpful to know for ANY video conference.

😎 DON’T sit in front of a window, a lamp or an oncoming train. The bright light may not be noticable to you but it is blinding to everyone else, and it makes you a silhouette.

👃 DON’T hunch over your laptop’s web cam like a prison inmate guarding his tray of food. No one wants to look up your nose. And since when do your conversations consist of the other person’s head being embedded in the table? Keep the cam eye level.

📷 DON’T forget the camera is on the whole time. People can see your eyes and the fact that you are putzing online instead of listening.

🎙 DO test your microphone and if the built in one has crappy acoustics in the room you’re in, use your headset.

⑁ DO sit at a table, or desk, or even couch, just not in bed.

🧦 If you insist on being business on top and loungewear on the bottom, then DON’T get up.

😰 DON’T run other software while you are doing your video. Your PC/Mac can only do so much.

🕒 DON’T connect the second the meeting starts. Connect a few minutes early to make sure you are ready. You have even less excuses for being late to a meeting now. Make sure your stuff works, and you are connected and ready before the hour begins.

📱Though you may not be able to silence your children, spouse, the garbage truck or dog, you CAN silence your phone – put it away.

You can apply to this group on the Alchemy for Life site. Click Free Group Coaching on the menu at the top. Good luck!!